Living on my Own

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    Living on your own isnt as easy as it looks. Or uh… I’m just dumb. Eh
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    1. SomeThingElseYT

      I got New Merch in the merch store if you wanna check it out. You can also find it above under the video! Best way to support the channel besides just watching so i appreciate the heck out of everyone who gets something

      1. Yosi Benitez


      2. P.C Gamer 88

        You better gimme those peeps who have p-p-p the ability to copp the merch

      3. Oilvia Allan


      4. Ava Drowned

        I work at mc.chocy milk Donald’s🤣

    2. Sherrah gacha

      @ 2:59 theres bakugo from mha

    3. Jeff Douglas

      *I drank the last chocolate milk*

    4. Matty Rex 13


    5. Ijanay Campbell

      I live in house

    6. Dargom

      Legends say Adam is still searching for that chocolate milk

    7. chara demon كارا ديمون

      How did this get 2 million views so fast? :O

    8. Victoria Paloma

      does Adam watch my hero academia bcs I FRICKIN SAW ADAM'S KATSUKI BAKUGOU WITTLE POSTER!!

    9. Inayahイナヤ

      That Landlord, Brice Tankthrust vibes

    10. MJlite_ din

      Its just been 3 minutes after it got uploded and its 192 k likes already

    11. Jessicas vlogs

      I love you dog 😍😋

    12. BakedPotatoes 101


    13. Nahee Hossain

      Bill:*stands outside the door* Adam:YO THIS BITCH BETTER HAVE SOME SAMOLAS

    14. Queen Era

      Just came here to listen to Freddie

    15. MrReymonp

      If you're living in Indonesia just buy noodles forever unless you wanted to die I guess .........

    16. Zoie Kat

      Hi! My name is zoie! On christmas im gonna buy your merch and this is my first time getting merch.i cant wait for christmas!

    17. Riti Kiti

      Why are there so few of your translated Videos on the Internet? It's not fair because we have Dominic and Jayden and James! AND YOU ALMOST THERE IS NO!☹️☹️ Yes l'm Russian.😐

    18. kitty senpai

      Bugsfeet lol

    19. maddies whO

      Does anyone also realise his 'blah blah blah' sounds like how Dracula says it in Hotel Transylvania?

      1. maddies whO

        I DO

    20. Yasmin mat

      thank God I'm middle Eastern and don't have to get out from my parents house 💃

    21. pengukim

      Heres some basic lists I got that I hope helps if it's not too late! Meant to comment day 1 but I forgot sorry Bread, sandwhich meats of your choice, lettuce, condiments, whatever else you like on your sandwhiches. BAM EASY LUNCH (Or PB&J) 1 lb of ground meat, taco seasoning, hard shell tacos or torillas. Any topings you like. BAM TACO TUESDAY. Mac and cheese. BAM SNACK. Pancake mix, bacon, eggs, fruits(?). BAM BREAKFAST. Mashed potato mix/flakes, gravy mix, corn, chicken nuggets of your choice (I dig dino nuggets). BAM DINNER? IDK IM TRYING But i'm 21 and surviving off chips for breakfast if I'm lucky before i go to work 🤣🤣 do what do I know lol Theres a youtuber I watch when Idk how to food is Adam Ragusea if that helps too

    22. Damian Melnichuk


    23. Bailey Parnell

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *throws Adam choclet milk

    24. John Hancock

      Love you adam

    25. Confetti_Sazz

      freakin love the bakugo

    26. •a m o k i•

      very bootiful

    27. Kallee Damant

      Scott Pilgrim vs The Coffee Table.

    28. Adrie V.

      Grocery shopping is basically getting the main components of meal like meats and non perishables then when you need get the perishables. And as far as furniture goes Letgo is a great app to get stuff from. I've gotten a box spring,bench, washing machine, ect. From letgo so maybe give that a go.

    29. random mehs

      2:58 look closely and not only will you see one red exploding dude who can possibly have more common sense than me

    30. Maya Wik

      not to be dramatic but i would die for thurnis

    31. xXGacha CandyXx

      omggg its so cool how u nake videos like theseee i enjoy them so so so sooo soooo muchhh !!

    32. StickAnimations

      Dude you inspired me to make animations..thanks man keep working

    33. fantastic rabbit xoxo

      _when school teaches you everything you need to know but how to live being an adult_ "WHAT A WASTE OF MY CHILDHOOD" *educations important kids*

    34. Atomic Thunderstorm


    35. Tyler Rogers

      You stiiting down in front of your broken table is the most relatable mood I have ever seen.

    36. Gacha Girl

      Adam is going insane

    37. Random Gacha Stuff

      Future me's shopping list: Cereal Milk Tons of fruits (figure it out at the store darnit!) Burritos Coffee

    38. Whatever Animations

      Or just make a dirt house like a minecraft noob

    39. Spooky is Jolly

      Post more

    40. SARAH

      Thurnis is such a mood