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    1. lottie h

      look no matter what happened, no matter what people say or think of you, no matter what happens in the future with the situation that went down.. you have a right to be happy and that will always be something good people support. good people make mistakes, big ones, those mistakes don’t define who you are and i’m not going to judge you for it as everyone shouldn’t. we should now watch your videos from here on out based on your content, not your past. i hope everything is okay and getting better. as an empathetic human, it’s hard for me to see someone going thru it no matter how rich, privileged, or wrong they may b or have been. it’s sad to me.. am i the only one?🤷‍♀️

    2. Lejend Clonts

      I was paid to be here

    3. Me Tube

      LOCK HER UP !!!

    4. Sam Salazarr

      not a single apology?🤨 gross

    5. Victorian Mansion

      Idk much of what happened but sometimes I feel bad for ppl when thousands of ppl say horrible things directed to one person, maybe she feels nothing maybe she feels hurt.. deep down sometimes I know ppl can change.. but at the same time it’s sad that these days it’s really hard to tell when someone is being genuine.. Tho u Might have fucked up but everybody else in the comments who are also saying horrible things to u have also done fucked up things for sure no ones innocent here lol I find it funny how everybody becomes “saints” *cough* assholes.. in the comment section .. idk you Olivia but I know what it’s like to feel down very extremely low.. if u ever needed anyone to talk to I’m here and I’d keep it real and private I feel like some ppl deserve to be heard out .. idk I hope your doin okay

    6. Not My Name

      I call BS on her not knowing anything. Sad to see all the media lap dogs plugging her to new and higher heights. Hope she thanks her momma for all her success.

    7. Ruben

      “Moral of the story, I missed you guys” wow what a great learning experience

    8. Andrei Art

      She's just a genuine soul who was just born into a wealthy family ... dont hate her, hate the money ... she's a good person. Olivia, if you're reading this, I hope to see more of you in the Vlog Squad. 😀

    9. Ruben

      If you can’t get in, you just can’t get in. Glad to know you live in a me world.

    10. NickOnPC

      *Jesus Christ PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES, this comment section is fucking sick I’m sorry all u perfect people have never made a mistake. U guys should seriously b ashamed with ur cancel culture bullshit.*

      1. biggyunit

        NickOnPC Participating in fraud is more than just a mistake. If the allegations are true, she deserves some of the criticism.

    11. DETROIT From The Soloist

      Hang in there...

    12. Ian Ireland

      Good god just go away. Can’t wait till your parents go to prison.

    13. HGNIA MARS

      You lucky you aint black or any other color cuz america only forgives thr white rich and pretty. Bitch.

    14. Mitchie Espinoza

      “This is the best I can do...” where is your apology to the fans?? To the people who stayed around for 9 months..

    15. Alan

      She got a onlyfans?

    16. Matthew Scarberry

      Go away Felecia

    17. homosapien straight

      Yo delete my comment ya cheating beeetch

    18. Yali Ding

      Miss you too

    19. Ethan Lee

      We live in a society that is so quick to judge and cast stones. No wonder there’s so much violence, hatred and mental problems among other issues. I’m not saying turn a blind eye to what may or may not happened. I believe in love, forgiveness and second chances.

      1. biggyunit

        Ethan Lee I do too. But you have to earn that chance through your actions. As of now, she has shown none of that. I don’t automatically forgive someone.

    20. Andrea Flores

      “Not trying to make this about me” o, but it was... at least apologize sis🤷🏼‍♀️

    21. Rebecca t

      Trudy buck probably got paid into usc too she put her account on private and their dads are really good friends.

    22. I D

      All she wants is her fame back!!! No shame in their game!! Just as I thought azsel.info/video/video/0YjVjsqn24mlfZc.html WOW SAD!!! “Row, row, row your boat gently down the steam merrily merrily, merrily Life is but a dream”. Not for the kids you cheated out of a spot smfh

    23. Lowrie Music

      People like you and your family will never understand the real human struggle in the society that people like you and your family built. You are privileged beyond sense yet you continue to piss this privilege away. You don't deserve the life you've been given. But who cares? You'll never learn. You'll take more money, gain more privilege and one day die having had an incredibly easy, shallow life. Then the cycle will continue with your kids, their kids, etc. People like me work hard, come home, eat a microwave meal, watch an hour of TV and then go to sleep to do it all again just to afford rent. You and your family are pathetic and absurdly lucky. You should all be ashamed.

    24. Jim Mc Nicholas

      Imagine being dumb enough for both your parents to agree that the best thing to do is try and fake their childs way into college with a $500,000 "donation". I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

    25. R W

      Your mom and dad are going to prison. They should’ve taken the plea deal.

    26. Emily Wellman

      This is probably unpopular but I don’t blame her for wanting to move on with her life and start youtube again. It was pretty brave of her to make this video, the only thing is that I don’t like the attitude. Like “moral of the story is that I miss you guys” that’s not what this is about at all. But ok. I’ll be interested to see what she has to say once she actually can talk about it.

    27. Cristian Perez

      The world revolves around her.


      Hi I’m pretty and rich so y’all gonna buy into this and Believe me, because I look so sweet and innocent. 😂😂😂 fuck outta here girl

    29. Maria Mar

      imagine being bullied by the whole world for what your mother did. being a celebrity shines a huge spot light on every single thing you do, even if youre eating a burger or something youre recorded and posted. people are so quick to judge but if you had a spotlight on you every second of the day and had millions of people judging and hating on you for something terrible youve done, how are you supposed to move on? is everyone saying olivia jade isnt allowed to move on? that she has to suffer hate forever until she ultimately decides to end it the unfortunate way? this whole situation upsets me because i know in my heart she is wrong for what happened, but she is human and this amount of bullying and hate will lead to just another suicide.

    30. Mani Fest

      just stay gone

    31. Ekta Patel

      Olivia please turn off your comments and like thing. Stay strong .. so happy that u decided to come back ♥️

    32. Maria Mar

      people are way too hard on you. you deserve to move on it wasnt your choice to be brought up in a world by celebrities. its crazy that olivia is facing so much shit about this when so many other celebrities have done the same thing. i wasnt really surprised when it happened, i thought it was already normalized in a celebrities world tbh. anyway welcome back you deserve a second chance as everyone does ❤️

    33. Bobbi Knicely

      What happened is not entirely your fault, but unfortunately you’re selfish parents fucked it up for you. You’re better off getting a real education and forgetting about AZsel. Most people are only gonna watch you to make fun of you and insult you. Oh and I assure you nobody was just waiting for you for 9 months 😂. You’re delusional

    34. Desiree Jones

      Glad to see you back and I hope you are doing okay! You will get through this babe. Love you

    35. Pxdi _

      Bye again 😂🤮

    36. Karl Karstens

      “The moral of the story” bitch u needed that school

    37. Anthony Phillips

      This has to be a scam!

    38. Trips579 Trips579

      Have your mom buy your way back to you tube.

    39. g C

      Oh goooood 🙄

    40. Daniella Darindigon

      Why do you act like you're the one who's wounded? You scammed your way through uni. Wth.