49ers vs. Ravens Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019



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    The San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.
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    1. KyIzBoss

      when my dad is a ravens fan and my mom is a 49ers fan

    2. Isaac L

      Okay but the black jerseys do kind of hide the ball

    3. Bernard Thomas

      They dont call that man Action Jackson for nothing

    4. Joe V

      The only highlight for this game is the final score.

    5. Scarletbull

      SB preview?! 🤔💬🤗 BMore slain NE & Frisco the top 2 seeds in their respective conference. They already beaten Hawks & Rams convincingly. Need to redeem themselves vs KC in the playoffs. Wouldn’t mind BMore repping the AFC one bit long as is not NE. Anyone but NE!

    6. Antonio Hernández

      Best game in 2019-2020 season

    7. Deeboy M

      We felt the “Unkindness of Ravens” Now we have to be Sinner’s against them Saints next! smh! Go 9erz!!!

    8. werthy is my name

      I think it’s time I should buy myself a Justin Tucker jersey. It’s long overdue

    9. Brotato Chip Sauce

      I’m a big Ravens fan, but the 49rs played amazing! Great game from both teams🔥🏈

    10. JBC_81

      Jackson is trash

      1. Deep hug

        For real san Francisco needs another qb

    11. Isaac D

      If we don't get a Super Bowl rematch we riot

    12. Das Donut

      If this 6:00 is pass interference then this 6:20 is as well

      1. Deep hug


    13. gio lol

      AMzing game bruh, but 7:42 WTF THAT IS PASS INTERFERENCE, mans litteraly pummels Mostert. Can't blame whole game on one play but disagrre with that call, GG Ravens :)

    14. Steven J. Trump 2020

      The Ravens are going to have mad problems playing against Buffalo!

    15. Chaosgamer

      Did Nick Bosa even play? I never heard his name this game.

    16. Alex Smith

      You see kittle block that man into the shadow realm? 5:25

    17. Ashley Jarvis

      2 great teams..my team was just greater🤷🏽‍♀️😈😈😈 #ravensnation

    18. Omri Hudson

      I did not know the Lamar Jackson’s and the 49s played

      1. Rock girl

        Lamar Jackson this Lamar Jackson that man he’s a ball hog yeah they win games but it’s kinda annoying to hear his name almost every offensive play

    19. Raymond Alvarez

      6:20 now that was a flag right there big time not hating but you know it's true also and I'm a Ravens fan but if they did that to the 9ners I would say the same I have respect for the 9ners

      1. Raymond Alvarez

        @Rock girl no fr tho but also nice fake profile pic of a girl even tho your a guy

      2. Rock girl

        Everyone remember now they have lost two time because of their kicker missing

    20. Raymond Alvarez

      5:44 that was not a flag he didn't even have his arms or hands around him or him that's an incomplete pass

    21. patrick kelly

      Nice a snow game, this was a good game!

    22. Howard Woods

      Jackson keep running like that he gonna get hurt

    23. Zachary Austin

      Ravens are the new Patriots of the AFC

    24. VidowMakaer

      If the 49ers ran or punted away on that 4th and 1 it might of been a different ending

    25. Shakester71

      Say what you want about the Niners, but they're legitimately a good team. Many people would point out their schedule to say that they're not, but they've played two really good teams and took both of them down to the wire. In the five games prior to the Niners' game, the Ravens have beat their opponents by an average of 28 points. They're not just beating teams. They're rolling over them with ease. The Niners went into Baltimore and gave them a hell of a fight. If Gould makes that field goal, who knows what would have happened.

    26. Joe Kodi

      For real san Francisco needs another qb

    27. Cristian G

      Reminds me of the Rams Vs Chiefs game last year.

    28. Mikołaj Jarząbkiewicz

      I'm a Ravens fan but tbh they need to work on their safeties and cbs if they want to win SB

      1. Ptao Tom

        Wtf dont let that stupid little kid think he is good step up your game 49rs.

    29. blacc beard

      This was the best game of the season for me, and also the toughest to watch since the niners are my all time fav team, but Jackson is my current fav player to root for/watch.

    30. jonahh619

      I feel like the way Lamar is faking or handing off to his RB is ridiculously deceptive. How many times did he run it through after completely selling the dummy to the Offense. Very exciting player

    31. R.W. Skinner

      I wanna see these teams in "dry" conditions

    32. Roy Stewart

      My BOI CHUCK GOT OFF!!!!!!!

    33. Puppet lover

      Everyone remember now they have lost two time because of their kicker missing

    34. Dalton Smith

      Lamar Jackson this Lamar Jackson that man he’s a ball hog yeah they win games but it’s kinda annoying to hear his name almost every offensive play

    35. FUNNY DAYS

      are you in a bad mood? Are you looking for a fun video? Then you can visit my channel! :)

    36. Syntax Logic

      Jackson scrambling is a cheat code.

      1. Puppet lover

        Isn’t it ironic how we beat the 49ers by kicking at the 49 yard line

    37. BangBang

      What A GAAME!!!!

    38. Richard

      49ers wheels will start to fall off.. They will fall to 5th going into the playoffs.

    39. Amde Mesfin

      Lamar Jackson is playing with a chip on his shoulder for being the last player to be drafted in he first round

    40. Isaias Lopez-Tadeo

      Marcus Peters being burnt toast as always. How tf you not gonna tackle him!