What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email: [email protected]

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  1. Jadiel Feliciano

    I watch theodd1out Jaden animations something else yt and tabbes and I love all of them

  2. Bartek Szwarc

    at 2:47 there were bananas, why didn't you eat them? lol

  3. Bartek Szwarc

    ya see my profile pic?

  4. Passengers Vlogs

    1:43 That’s the dark part

  5. Szymon Wróbel

    The jumpscare scared 1 part of my body

  6. sem hoop

    My awesome thing issss........ sonic forces ;-:

  7. Mrs Potato_head


  8. Daan Van der plas

    1:54 best part Comment if you agree

  9. Asa Becker

    My “friend” tried to get me to vape once at church.

  10. neko-starxoxoxo

    I loooove it...I too feel like an outcast/ghost/vampire/alien/devil that...not many understand...but I'm also pretty wierd and can get dark..but...all I wouldn't mind is someone to love...make a friend...+er+..maybe I should just say..good job fellow wierdo..haha

  11. kOwOkinky

    People think sharks Are scarier than orcas... Sharks literally leave the place they were for MONTHS or YeARs If a orca Just passes by it

  12. Gacha meifwa

    ront know if anyone agrees but... u kinda look like markiplier ._.

  13. lil fluffy

    U stole the beat

  14. Sanic 399

    Adam's parents: see someone watching Peppa Pig Also Adam's parents: i diagnose you with demons

  15. No. Name??,??????????? ???????????????,? Amira

    Stop. Am. Gon. Ban. Her. Voor. Fuck in. Real. Am. Gon. Heat. You alll am. Not. Liegin

  16. RalphaTron Gaming

    That's a load of s**t

  17. Damian luke

    Orcas have been seen eating moose. Actually that fact spawned a meme if I'm not mistaken...

  18. JustALittleLoser 23


  19. A YouTube Channel

    The two people in the audience are the 2 million people subbed

  20. Kono Baka Yaru

    i don't like thinking about the fact that this isn't too many millions of views more than Mario vs Sonic Beatbox Battle Cartoon by Verbalase

  21. DinoGaming

    Hey Adam! I have Choccy milk right now! Want some?

  22. Ezra Johnson

    The background song is cool😎

  23. Galaxy Jones

    Video: *17k dislikes* Me: WHY?!?!?!!!

  24. safouane iourizen

    i have the nintendo dsi too

  25. Crimsonavocado984


  26. Crimsonavocado984


  27. Rifat Sulatana Shawon

    Adam: alright, ayeayeayeya! 🤣🤣🤣 Me: wtf....

  28. The Princess

    You can't surround yourself with bad ppl.. IF YA DUN SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ANYONE :,D -Pls help I'm lonely as hell, I just want friends-

  29. Shortic C

    The angel has unlocked his demons aka Dark youtube

  30. Gaming Unicorns

    S So Som Some Something tells me you thought I would waste my time

  31. Chlowith,the FLOW


  32. Jericco Januar

    A grape (A.K.A Adam) filming itself (himself) eating a burrito.

  33. Mikha Sampurno

    This is how much everyone like when his rappin' |

  34. Literally Everything

    Lucid dreamer *Yay*

  35. Crafting table

    Your dog has a nice butt

  36. Monkey King7800

    What is with the different styles

  37. cup.__. cake

    i have watched a lot of songs but this is SOMETHING ELSE get it?! get it? you know because.....your name....ok i have ruined the joke

  38. Lyra Hill

    4:19 bet if its my hero academia then i would gladly tell the world that i watch it because its my #1 favorite anime

  39. Unidud3

    Oh damn... *OH DAMN*

  40. Damian Alvarado

    This song connects with me ⬇️(click if you agree)

  41. AussieHack

    I wake up to this evre morning p.s best rap ever

  42. the epic gamer

    hey do you play roblox becouse his name in roblox was magezord is that treu and i added you

  43. Default Dan

    Eminem or somethingelseyt

  44. Maria Scott

    Ok but. . . The sholder shimmy

  45. Daesarul Plays

    “I dont give a f*ck” SomeThingElseYt: Hmm ill replace f*ck with what

  46. Master Cheetah

    The cops are racist wow

  47. Retro

    I’ve been playing guitar for 6 years im only 13

  48. Vex


  49. Star2ThePowerOf100

    3:19 hE jUsT wAnTs HiS cHoCkY mIlK!

  50. rainbow kittycat

    I'm scared of spiders but my favorite superman is spiderman and this make any sense srly and l'm scared of heights

  51. David M.

    Chess sucks.

  52. Star2ThePowerOf100

    All of the 1.2K dislikes are just jealous that Adam has come so far and they still live under rocks.

  53. lolipk

    6:26 AZsel: I'm about to end this man's whole carerer

  54. wendy malaney

    I don't no that movie when i was little my mom only let me watch smile of a child and veggie tales and now I've only watch how to train ur dragon and lily and stitch itch means I got a lot of movies to watch

    1. wendy malaney

      And I was born when this movie came out COOL

  55. mastenmangames play's

    Am amazed that he can rap, play musical instruments, beatbox, sings, animate and produce musics. What a god

  56. Gᄒ


  57. Batmagnai Batmagnai

    are you left handed???

  58. Turtle_ Eggs

    Fuck why did you jumpscare me

  59. Domc DoesYt

    i thought the phrase "You're dead to me." is owned by Kevin O'leary's lol

  60. lullabyalif

    you post this on my birthday. thanks

  61. Ju-chan Yung

    As a kid, this other kid and I use to eat tree leaves. Like, rip branches off the tree and ate them just like that. Because in our minds, we were being healthy by eating our greens. I was pretty dumb as a kid.

  62. 부자애니메이션


  63. Courtney Brown

    the giant responsibilities busting through the door literally jump scared me lMAO jesus lawd

  64. Blocket

    #findbagelman but now #buybagelman

  65. sp4row

    rip table

  66. Claire Wong


  67. De'marcus Tynes

    Did you know that banana’s are for your brain

  68. Mayleen Calub

    Me: *Watching this at 2.0 speed* . noice

  69. Karter Glavin

    marmite is better. and you eat it on bread

  70. Baka flower Chan

    Just found Adam’s choco milk in roblox 😂

  71. Caleb Hilling

    I know exactly how you feel, the pain of the “Boost drink” , the craving of food, and the struggle of communication, I used a white board to communicate, and I CAN NOT EXPLAIN THE PAIN OF EATING A LIQUIDIZED FOOD, for example I had to watch as my mom took a slice of pizza from papa Johns (my favorite) slam it in a blender With some tomato sauce while everyone else was eating normally, and the funny part is, at this time while my jaw was wired shut the Reese’s cups ad had that new slogan where they would get all deep in it and finish off by saying “Reese’s, not sorry” and I can just say that I have never hated a brand, ad, or whoever the hell was the voice who was talking more than in that moment......

  72. ElfieBoo Gacha

    Would you rather be in a cage with a stone fish or a orca

  73. Hx Gxylie

    is that Harry Potter i hear

  74. kyle crossling

    You should make a summary of star wars movies before The rise of skywalker

  75. mr dubwool gaming

    Vegimite is a bread spread

  76. mr dubwool gaming

    U offended my country

  77. STD protayo

    U don’t eat vegumite like that!!!!!!

  78. Elena Nesek

    i have a nintendo DS lite its amazing sad story :( my nintendo DS lite well the screen is NOT turning on so... its going to the doctor :) ... ;( sad

  79. King Mendoza

    I passed out 10 muinites

  80. King Mendoza

    And i was alone in my dark room wearing 🎧

  81. King Mendoza


  82. xscape 420

    Megamind flashbacks

  83. King Mendoza

    Aaaaahhhh shooot what was that i'm only 9 now i'm gonna get nightmare again why why qm i so bad luck

  84. Waddell Bruno

    What the chicken do to piss you off

  85. Nelson Diaz

    Is it bad I thought I clicked on a mark vid?

  86. Yadira Ayala

    It does not matter how many friends you have it just matters that you have trustworthy and good friends 😄😳

  87. Gian Carlo

    Steal some furniture from your parents

  88. Sophia Feary

    6:55 All I could think was: "BAKUGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"😂😂😂

  89. Hannah Walls

    4:49 nostalgia on the wall

  90. UnicornGamer08

    Ur meant to have butter and toast with the vegimite XD 😂😂😂😂😂

  91. shotgun612


  92. ByanP5623 lol

    My mommy played electric in a band in college I saw her guitar and played it and TODAY I MADE MY OWN SONG

  93. ByanP5623 lol

    DO MORE... yeh

  94. Can We Get 1000 Subscribers For No Reason

    maybe the word you're looking for is ride-share app.

  95. Asasin Baciu

    2:54 haven't laugh this much in my entire life

  96. PhantomMDM

    yeah... this is why i don't use adblock when i watch your videos

  97. Li Bu

    1:06 make sure u pause the vid Is it just me or...

  98. Mad Yon Boi

    markiplier is shook

  99. George Pockets

    You can see how this was meant to be uploaded on April Fools! XD

  100. Jerry Brink

    I only remember ditching class a few times to either get that good green ganja, or help friends out when they were in a dark place. Fun times