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  1. SethWillGet DEMONITIZED

    As a middle child of a big and little brother I can confirm that is what happens

  2. Dinky Sandoval

    Im not happy at YT #stopYT

  3. Anna Arnoldussen

    Shirtless Shulk is the best smash bro character dont even try and @ me

  4. Dinky Sandoval

    *reads the paper that says cant be animated characters* Me: O M G Animators gone :(

  5. Narwhal Studios

    so yall for real hate on muslims until they get in a game theory episode

  6. Naomi Beres

    I love your Minecraft theories

  7. Evan Kauffman

    Gotta be real, I'm not sure about this one. I mean, everything makes sense, _except_ for the detail about the Drowned being immune to Guardian attacks. They were builders before, same as the player, right? I think, if we're talking in the sense of the story, then the logical explanation must lie with something about the undead's biology in Minecraft. Then, even after you think about that, why did this land-dwelling race of people make a security system for their above-ground religious temples which just flops around on land, basically useless unless in water? I think, in lieu of a different explanation, the pre-Drowned must have begun construction on their soon-to-be-underwater temples before they were completely submerged, while they waited for their explorers to return with the Heart of the Sea, and made fish-like robots to serve them when the time came and they had to build their underwater society. That's the only way I see it working the way it was talked about here.

  8. Dizzy outlaw jr J

    Another brother from another mother

  9. Hush-Puppy

    Maybe not adding any of the numbers except 5+4

  10. Hush-Puppy

    Idk maybe not cuz whoever golden freddy is they might be a Male or female

  11. PHAETON_3123 doop

    there can only be one matpat so i shall be batpat

  12. Mary McGohon

    I think kris might be chara.

  13. Derpy Diper

    Maybe parent's should make sure kids are using AZsel kids

  14. Caleb Goldsmith

    do an episode on raiders

  15. Troll MeBro

    Well the government also test on second class citizens. gamers second class citizens confirmed.

  16. OrdinaryWinter3045 boi

    And this episode started from basically a piece of wheat.

  17. Dragon Gamer

    Ok how the frick does this happen Austin this is insane I agree with you for freaking out like the frick why are they giving 10 year olds the power to end the fricking world!!!!!!

  18. TheL0wner

    it still amazes me that ads generate any income for youtubers, I would have expected that the vast majority of people block ads to begin with.

  19. GameWizard21st

    Are the drown Grayjoys?

  20. Josuke Higashikata

    16:40 me a Kirby main * yes my son you did it*

  21. dunya aidibi

    I have a FTC hate channel on my discord server >:)

  22. Cherry Wasabi

    We are fucked :)

  23. TwistedNutria29

    At least norgz is gone

  24. themiecraft pro

    I don't even know what that berry is and I'm Canadian

  25. AC C

    Be me: *smash pause button* me: *look up foxy onesy* me: *find nothing* sad...

  26. Donte Taariq

    Bro this was the most amazing youtube video I have ever seen in my life

  27. A potato WAIT NO DONT D-

    Hmmmm I wonder if you throw a heart of the sea at a drowned with a trident

  28. Nick Carranza

    But if Cal is using the force only to speed up his body and mind, why in the game is only one thing at a time slowed down? If he was truly going faster so to say, wouldn't everything around him be slowed down instead of one person or object?

  29. Minty Alien

    " *iM kInG oF tHe sQuIrLS* "

  30. Zachary Burgdorf

    What if just like catapillers the consume what they need as they level up? when they evolve it's just them taking those stored resources and evolving is just a faster cocoon?

  31. Chase Cotton

    i have some duum thing on my skreen with some volume thing so i cant whach the stpet vid! (my brother wont help me )-

  32. Los Hermanos Montes Vivero

    mor fnaf videos, and you can make a video of the slime

  33. Fresh gamer

    Mr mat pat shadow bonnie and shadow freddy guiding michel afton

  34. Cjdizzl06

    wait what gave him PTSD

  35. Isaac Dupras

    Please make a theory about Redstone's origins I've got a weird theory about it, but it's not great

  36. CaMoli


  37. Nanu Lee

    Definitely opened my mind up to this even though game theory pretty much already solved the original story of FNaF it's good to rethink things like this sometimes

  38. Strike channel

    Team Salvato a few years ago: Yeah, 2018! Team Salvato in December 2019: We just started rewriting the entire script of the new game

  39. Mareli Velazquez

    Compares to NOTHING 😂

  40. I Kill Naggers

    wait is the best music disc in the game, I will throw fists if anyone disagrees

  41. xMoonRiseXz

    MatPat: We need to start from the end.... Also MaTPat: to start with Me: visible confusion

  42. Sevkips Memestar

    This guy should be a physics teacher, because you can actually understand what is he saying

  43. TheSiberianCat

    i chose mystic cus articuno has a better design than the other 2 legendaries in my opinion


    There s problebly 10,000 finale theory videos Lol GOOD video!

  45. Megablast 107

    Ah good old Game Theory

  46. Kayleia Chesson

    Waves=fear Me for Hawaii:that is why we don’t put our backs to the ocean

  47. scrumpciolicios

    you should see who would win the fallout mech vs the roman army

  48. Pariah

    Here’s something to add to this theory the what was happening to the now drowned was a reason the old builders set out to find the end because of the rising waters

  49. Nguyen Thoa


  50. Yuan Jacinto

    Game theory probably guardians are probably made from magic


    Austin: there is no real randomness Also Austin 5 mins later: ok so now we can get to randomness and estimations

  52. X Faceless

    6:00 talking about Aftons wife

  53. Cloudy

    i honestly think ita fair for them to seperate the kids age but not to delete everyones channel because they make peoples days better just sayin'

  54. Jai evan breen Breen

    1700 they like the bigger numbers

  55. Deacon_Playz

    6:37 mat pat you said modern sonic and classic sonic

  56. Jj Vlogs

    FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF fnaf FNAF fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF fnaf fnaf FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf fnaf FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF fnaf fnaf FNAF FNAF FNAF FNAF fnaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Mystic SkyZ

    I can't seem to leave a message

  58. brycen Kirchharr

    I want to commit suicide...

  59. Kolorful Viper

    I would say 20 -23

  60. Jj Vlogs


  61. Eatthatpussy445 Kdkdkdjkejd

    4:21 It’s funny because I have those exact toys

  62. Jj Vlogs

    FNAF I need a FNAF


    You are Cooooooooooooooooooooooo OoooooooooooooooooL

  64. Joshua Talbot

    MatPat hit those questions HARD. strong work, definitely learned a lot. Great Video

  65. zendo__ 13

    Hey Mat i think the credits would be interesting to look at, because! we know that we are not talking in the credits, so who is?

  66. Matthew Singleton

    But he can also lift those huge pillars and throw them, so I think he could do it.

  67. Dragon Gamer

    Charmander wins no question

  68. coraline finch

    An important question that no theorists I have seen talk about: What/ Who is the springlock suit in FNAF 5? No one has brought this up, and the suit is never mentioned again. Could it possibly be Golden Freddy, or someone new??? I know it's kind of old but I always thought it was super important.

  69. John Kang

    12:21 hey, that dog pic looks familiar.

  70. jason curtis

    Gaurdians insides look like normal insides (i mean in game

  71. Cris master


  72. Demic

    Matpat: What is the floor made of? Susan be like: *the floor is made of floor*

  73. Gachax V

    Me:playing Super Smash Bros My friend : Shows me video Me:.........

  74. Vickyvicks5

    I literally just learned about cells in school

  75. Matthew Singleton

    Bro I have a TI-83. 😂😂😂

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  77. Sonic Hedgehog

    whao my name is matthew too!

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  79. Andrew Jones

    exodus 14:14 The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

  80. Kirby Dan

    MatPat I respect you for all the hard work you do on your videos

  81. beladendron

    Governments try to shut down channels that use popular images like cartoons and video game characters. AZsel says no, don't do that! Let our creators be free! AZsel rolls out new rules in COPPA. Methinks you had other reasons.

  82. Tedecamp

    By definition, a vigilante is a form of criminal, thus making all super heroes criminals to some extent

  83. poopoo head

    Imagine not being allowed to swear but you cant make content directed to kids Also, a lot of content creators could probably get bankrupt

  84. Maddi Maddi Demon

    I used to want to be a AZselr when I grow up, but now I might change my mind. It’s a big slippery hole that you might fall into if your not careful I am a kid myself and am not stupid, I’m also more mature than most kids and some adults, so AZsel please take a look at this

  85. mycatisweird123 Yerby

    Can u put the parrent and child / the eyes through the app that you did to find vanny ?

  86. [FXU] 1x1

    0:25 ok boomer

  87. Maya Kee

    Why is it so freaking long

  88. Caleb Martin

    Pete is just doing what he thinks is best. Beside if he fixes all the problems he causes. And was electro or the vulture peters fault. No. But he fixes all those problems. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

  89. Rohan Garg

    Cytoplasm, or vacuole

  90. the 866

    prismarine is copper, right?

  91. Earthquake

    Steve/Alex are probably builders who were better at combat than any other in the builder race.

  92. The everything kid AND MORE!!!

    The guardians might want the security puppet with them

  93. Peyton Ahlquist

    Why would they build guardians if they lived out of the water?

  94. Harrypotter kitten

    bruh, that intro if it happened in real life. Oh a text messaaaa........... nope!

  95. Ronaldo Aquino

    Still 9 years old, FGTeeV will make it, but PewDiePie, not so sure.

  96. Greg Latchaw

    I donated 8 inches of hair as well

  97. Christi Stephens

    Waluigi needs to he in Super smash bros

  98. Shadow Strike160


  99. Andrewvt2005 Nguyen

    They still mess up rewind tho