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  1. Hannah Moore

    Bye again

  2. Vin Ando

    Have fun visiting Mommy in prison! 🤣😂

  3. Thardracy

    Anyone who has kids know that it’s all the parents fault the way she is, unfortunately it’s to late for her to change but hopefully her parents and others parents thinking of doing this learn a hard lesson..... haha who am I kidding its America.

  4. kaylee lasee

    i can’t believe she even showed her face on youtube again, it makes to so mad to see her get away with buying herself into college. imagine the people that could have taken her spot and done some good in the world rather than trying to save her career by saying “sorry” on a two minute video

    1. kaylee lasee

      like i’m genuinely so worried for my future and getting into a college and here she is buying her way into one

  5. Gabriela Aranguiz-Dias

    You took someone’s spot. Someone who deserved it and someone who worked hard and didn’t get it because you and your parents are crooks. Nobody cares that you “aRe rEaDy tO cOmE bAcK” Apologize to the kids whose spot you and your family stole You have no right to be sad when they are the real victims

  6. Rj bruh


  7. Tiffany Nguyen

    What happened?

  8. Naita Chamberlain

    Bitch, no one misses you so just close shop, leave and do something useful with your life for once!!!

  9. The Rea one

    No point... Just stay way please

  10. Justin Case

    I guess you don't have anything else to do. I mean, you can't go to college. You don't work. You don't have talent to do anything else, huh? You just mean that you can't stay away from a camera looking at you. So pathetic. Go gain some life skills, learn something new. Vapid.

  11. Naita Chamberlain

    Sorry my dear, but no one believes your bs anymore

  12. Jay W

    She didn't pick her parents. Honestly I think she should apologize for thinking that it was ok to buy her way into college and continue to try to forge her own life. It really isn't her fault who her parents were and the life she grew up in. I actually hope she ends up happy somewhere in life, probably gonna end up surrounded by other rich people and not have a public life but it would be cool if people didn't hate her. Somehow I don't think that any of the people in these comments would have done anything any different if they had been in her shoes.

  13. brie T

    I cannot believe how dense this girl is. Also, she was over 18 when this deception went down. I hope she is charged. Also, no brand wants to associate with her toxic reputation.

  14. GravesRWFiA

    no honey there are no LEGAL reasons you can't talk about it, there is NO gag order. You choose not to talk about it, but there is NO compulsion. do you not understand this or are you willfully lying? Ignorant or deceitful? you can choose which but you don't get a 3rd choice.

  15. Patrick joseph

    Your a has been Olivia

  16. Patrick joseph

    Hit the road Olivia

  17. sydney lachajczyk

    She and her sister should have to go to court just like her parents

  18. Denise Knicely

    I have seen some pretty nasty comments here. Asking someone to take accountability for obvious wrong doing is much different than seeing people call her names. That is way below the belt. What do you expect with two girls being raised by these idiots? Who now have the entire world judging them? She deserved to have her endorsements taken because what her parents did and what she did going along with it is a crime. It is a harsh reality of life that taught her a lesson most of us didn’t need already about the world. Think of it that way. Growing up in a bubble of materialism you find out quick what a world with morals is really like. And really no average kid goes through the same thing. Give her a chance to come clean, talk about this when she is ready . She was also a kid during that time that will listen to her parents’ off the wall schemes and I defy any kid to say “no” at 17. This girl and her sister have a chance their parents will not. They truly are shamed for life. Being raised by entitled assholes like this people have thrown them in the gutter with them at way too young an age. They have a chance. It has caused a rude awakening in her and her sister I am sure. Their career is not over. She is 20 years old and we all know America loves to forgive and she has decades to do it. Her mother will not ever work again but she will - if she speaks out and if she can say, “yes I knew and it was wrong”. That is what I am hoping for with both of them. Her sister seems to be quieter but I hope the same with her.

  19. Petra Robles

    This Brat could care less what her parents are going through... it's about ME TIME...

  20. jacksparrowarrrr

    Who makes her top?!?!😩 HELP!

  21. Tom Morrow

    Poor little rich white girl. Gtfo

  22. lindsay kate

    honestly people need to move on from this. Yeah, what her and her mom did was stupid and truly unfair. But it’s also unfair the treatment that she’s getting. I feel like we all need to understand that there are MUCH WORSE things going on.

  23. emma doty

    y’all stop hating! her mom is the one who brought her into all of this

  24. Orla

    Am I the only one that feels bad?? Everyone is so hateful. I’m sure she’s gone through enough over the past 9 months. Her parents are going to prison and her whole life is falling down around her. It’s not her fault that she was born into privilege (I’m not excusing the whole college scandal) but think about it, if your parents were telling u that they could get you into a dream college I feel like most people would just trust their parents? I know a lot of people are going to disagree and I know she’s not in the right but I think everyone needs to stop being so nasty.

  25. Tiffany Daniels

    NO NO NO "the moral of the story" is to not be terrible, awful people and throw money at an institution and take away the opportunity of a more deserving person.


    Have faith, sis

  27. Lindsay Ongradi

    The fact that she still has 1.95M subscribers is scary

  28. Woodsy 13

    But.....are you still rowing?!!!

  29. Jeff Ritter

    What a truly vapid and useless human being. The definition of an entitled narcissist. Sickening. I hope her parents both end up in jail.

  30. Jose Manzo jr

    Why don’t everyone just unsubscribe for this crap

    1. Painteyelash

      True. They just want to vent, it's kind of hilarious. I imagine they don't get this upset everytime a rich person cheats their way into something or other but only care about this case because her mom is from a famous tv-series. Hypocritical, I think. It is what you call "fake outrage".

  31. suzistar777

    Happy to see you back!

  32. Nellyyyyyyy

    I enjoyed your content and want it back sis -go on and start making videos again. You like doing it and you have subscribers that actually want to see your content and can wait to hear about the “tea” later.

  33. Cris C. Castillo

    If you wanted to do right, drop out and go to community college and work your ass off and show us how you got in on your own. Stop youtubing now!!!!

    1. Painteyelash

      But people clearly like to comment on her videos. Don't take that away from them, sir.

  34. bccarla

    Come back if you want and the way you want sweetie until it makes you happy ❤️ we’ll be here, hoping you and your loves ones are okay

  35. dhruvi patel

    Wtf. Leave her alone. If you don’t have any nice to say don’t say it period.

  36. Chichi R

    please dont come back. We dont like you.

  37. Leila Arismany

    Sis straight savage for turning her comments on.... I applaud her

  38. Cheryl's Corner

    azsel.info/video/video/2IfPdriIpqHKgNI.html This s actually really good, Olivia is scamming for money! Wow! Greedy Olivia~!

  39. Cheryl's Corner

    Please!!!! This I really don't want to work but just vacay & upload videos about how pretty pretty I am! Thank-you mommy & daddy for the money boost to accomplish NOTHING in my life!

  40. A Rosalez

    Nobody missed you. Go fucking away.

  41. supreme gang

    Good job buying those likes😬

  42. supreme gang

    nobody gives af ab a bitch who’s so entitled that they make fake background ab you and how your a superstar ath lol and pay too get in lol go tf away😂

  43. ED Dro

    BLESS you yur so dam Cute girl

  44. fallout3600

    Start a pornhub channel

  45. David

    Olivia just said nothing worthwhile, she has no idea but with 139,000 dislikes I hope she takes that hint and disappears forever. This is one rich, spoilt brat that no one wants to hear or see again. I cannot believe how entitled and special this little brat thinks she is.

    1. Painteyelash

      What do you mean when you are saying you are "simple"? What does that have to do with her video?

  46. Mckenzie Ripley

    I don't know why people have to make nasty comments? I get what her and her mother did was wrong. I get its difficult to trust her now. I even understand why a lot of people don't want to watch/support her anymore. If you don't want to then that's on you, but if you resort to nasty ass comments then you're not any better. I said what I said lol.

    1. Painteyelash

      A man said she deserved to be raped, what the fuck. Why is rape even his first thought? Disturbing.

  47. nsxpetes

    Someone start a kickstarter to buy more dislikes. I’ll contribute


    So before yall even try to gang up on her look at yourself first and think of what you're gonna say before you say it


    And yall are saying stuff about her when this is not her fault she lost her job do to the things that happened


    Please come back

  51. Valerie Bogaert


    1. nsxpetes

      Valerie Bogaert no

  52. Abyzmyl

    she never worked a hard day in her life and now she is gonna be hit with a huge dose of reality

  53. AwesomeAdam From 2099

    You should come back.

    1. nsxpetes

      AwesomeAdam From 2099 no

  54. John Li

    The whole video is fking empty as shit . You can literally summarize this video in 3 sentences. “ I am back.” “I miss you.” “ I can’t legally discuss my situation”. And you wasted this much time to say them? No wonder your parents got to pay 500 K for you to go to college

  55. Big Bird

    Airhead Central.

  56. Bitking Ross

    You need to be a role model but you cant anymore. You gotta show it when no one is looking. And for you that probably means giving up the public eye. Give up the likes. Go meet a man that will treat you right and give you all those millions of likes in one. Give up thinking you are ever gonna change anything thats happened. You gotta let go.

  57. Adam Morrow


  58. Ana

    with all due respect, and from my ignorance: why is it so terrible for you what her mother did or why do y'all hate her so much? for illegally entering a university? Is it so bad? I mean she didn't kill anyone..

  59. Skipper Van Nuys

    people like you are worse than the plague

  60. Hope Wines

    Karma is a bitch

  61. Ben Hastings

    Your parents deserve to go to jail

  62. Ivette Ortega

    There was no point of you coming back least make a "comeback" do you even understand what you and what your parents did wrong? And the fact your mom is going to prison? There is no need for you on AZsel anymore. You're a spoiled rich kid who thought your money will solve everything maybe grow some balls and apologize to your general public and admit its wrong. If you are not allowed to use your head and think for once your a waste of teenage life.

  63. M A.


    1. Painteyelash

      Because people like you and me are willing to watch. Simple.

  64. Brian Haley

    She kept saying how she can’t talk about it for 1:30 long like the ending was the best part it was over

  65. Julia

    Oh, please. Fuck right off.

  66. Jessica Melissa

    You’re an idiot

  67. arelim

    she misses her sponsorships, I feel bad for her parents

  68. Abby McNeil

    You’re a joke .

  69. Rebekah N

    No Olivia Jade, you should not have come back to AZsel World. If you want to redeem yourself, do something worthwhile like community service. Join Americorps. Help those less fortunate than you. Do some self discovery. Cultivate a spiritual path. And start getting real with yourself. And if college is something you really want, then have some integrity and respect and do it the right way. Walk in the front door and apply.

  70. Wayne Kennoff

    This is about attention, and money. She keeps comments on because it creates traffic and thus money. And it appears she's been missing the attention of her fans.

    1. Painteyelash

      But if that is a problem to you it is up to you to not play a part of it instead of complaining. We all have free will and are choosing to click. Come on now.

  71. LeBosh Wade

    Imagine wasting this much air to say nothing important🤯

  72. Claire Sadlowski

    I didn’t hear an apology...

  73. Chris Wolf

    You missed being on AZsel with all the trolls? Girl your AZsel Miss Priss days are over. This is open season on you now by the troll army. I'd quit social media for about ten years and try to make a comeback later when you pull that silver spoon out and make a living for yourself.

    1. Painteyelash

      I don't think they are trolls but just genuinely annoyed. Why would they be trolls?

  74. Francine Sanchez

    So many people are commenting here who aren't her fans at all and probably didn't watch her videos before. Do your thing, Olivia.

    1. Christian W

      You sound like Kim K in your videos..

  75. TheMexikingisback2

    White people get everything handed to them, yet they talk about pulling themselves up by the boot strap lol. This girl isn’t the only one that gets jobs, loans, scholarships etc just because of their parents.

  76. Lorelai Mercy

    Guess they spent all the money on lawyers and had none left for a good script. She could not even be bothered to say that she is truly passionate about videography and making quality content and wants to participate in the online community in a productive way moving forward. And I just pulled that out of my ass while taking a dump. WEAK.

  77. Jimmy Medina

    this child should be on trial right next to her parents. No way she didn't know how she got in USC. She is a fake, a cheat and lair.

  78. phoebeluo

    You are a terrible person. You're parents raised you that way obviously, but still, they may go to prison and you're whining that you don't get to film yourself. Stfu.

  79. Gen X

    hey babe, how about trying to study by going back to the community college first?

  80. Abigail Osborne

    You all are commenting about how you don’t care or whatever you hate, but you all gave her 5 million views which is going to her pocket. Congratulations

    1. Painteyelash

      They clearly care 😄

    2. Christian W

      Lol it aint monitized, dummy

  81. Emireth Hernández

    We r with u

  82. Emireth Hernández

    U r the best

  83. Emireth Hernández

    Love uuuuu

  84. Emireth Hernández

    Come back

  85. m s

    Who else didnt listen to a word she said but just came here to rip on this pathetic bitches comment page

  86. Joseph Scott

    All the negative comments is disheartening. The daughter is not at fault if the parents broke the law. I assume Olivia has led a pretty easy life considering who her parents are, but why blame the child for the sins of the parents, if they actually did anything illegal considering they haven't been convicted of anything yet. Olivia, I'm very glad to see you trying to take your life back and move forward. Don't let negativity get you down and stop you.

  87. Chief Handler

    Truly useless individual.

  88. Lana Vidović

    The only thing I am wondering here is : why is everybody so hateful? I know the story behind this & I know what her family did. But guys, we all make mistakes. We are all just people. Yeah, it's not something that each one of us would do but it happened. I am sorry for every person out there who lost the spot at University because of actions like that. I really do. Although they chose wrong actions - they are still just people. Nobody is even trying to see that. Everybody is just throwing hate around. You are not in their skin & you don't know what they went through in these last few months. Yeah, it is said ' you get what you deserve ' but they already got that, can anybody see that? They were publicly shamed (they still are) & what not. So, spreading more hate on this topic is just so unnecessary. Everybody is shaming them saying they have no compassion, they just stole what they thought is theirs (which is true I am not denying that) but each one of you here also has no compassion for them. We all make all kinds of awful mistakes in our life & we get what we deserve for that but there is just no point in dragging it & reminding people about what they did. I am pretty sure until now they got it. Just ask yourself - would you like for other people to look at you like that & treat you like that cause of a mistake you did? The note before the comment section says: Remember to keep comments respectful. & I literally see no one doing that. Spread love not hate. Love is what touches the heart & changes the world.

    1. Paul Emanon

      @Lana Vidović Ya some of the cases are pending so we don't know if they are actually guilty because that is up to the courts to decide but I do agree with you. Again have a good one.

    2. Lana Vidović

      @Paul Emanon Oh, sorry, I didn't get that :)

    3. Paul Emanon

      @Lana Vidović I was referring to haters comments because I agree with you about forgiveness for those that are guilty (we don't know if some of the accused are actually guilty or not because their cases are pending) but I added that people whom write nasty comments (not referring to you) should be impartial and neutral and not jump to conclusions. I keep being brought back to comment on this video because people keep relying to me. Anyhow, Hope your doing well, take care

    4. Lana Vidović

      Paul Emanon I am not taking sides I am just trying to say that everybody is being compassionate with people who suffered the consequences of their actions but nobody is being compassionate with them. That is all I am trying to say. I am not taking sides at all.

  89. paige crowder

    I'm not really for all the bullying on this vid, and you should have the right to move on with your life and heal and grow from this situation. But you need to do it in private. You coming back to AZsel just looks super tacky and gross. It's very obvious what you're back for, and it's not even for your subscribers whom you never even had a real relationship with. You're only back for the money and the free shit but judging by the comment section, you're not getting out of this one. Life ain't that easy sis.

  90. king 28

    Olivia sweetie drop dead thank you :)

    1. king 28

      I was actually complimenting her. She’s drop dead gorgeous. Thank for your concern though

    2. Lauren White

      What she did is inexcusable but there's no reason to wish death on somebody.

  91. Miki Maus

    I don't think that money made you fraud, it only accentuated what you already are. Bye bitch

  92. Jake S

    Go away. You’re fucking irrelevant.

  93. Hannah Riddle

    💖💖💖I missed you💖💖💖 welcome back hun

  94. duhTrey

    The likes are definitely fake

    1. duhTrey

      Painteyelash those are definitely real

    2. Painteyelash

      Also the dislikes which there are more of?

  95. Phillis The Uncle

    Imagine faking a life just for videos and then leave your own family in the rubble.

  96. Ky

    Guys, don’t forget she’s still a human being.

  97. dlghtfl1

    Stupid. Vapid. Spoiled. EMPTY.

  98. Useful Vidiots

    Morons like her is why my site exists. www.usefulvidiots.com

  99. Carol yanez

    “I’m not trying to make this about me” while filing herself about herself!!!

  100. Whitestone Reborn

    These comments are absolutely awful! She’s still a human being! Praying for you and your family. Hope you have a great Christmas and new year. Rise above all the negative and remember God can work something from nothing and works all things for the good of those who love Him. Lean into Jesus and HE will see you through and bring you into abundant life. For those who would criticize abundant life is peace, joy, love, hope, etc. all the things that outward circumstances effect at times but nothing outward including money no matter how much can attain. I pray for the things money can’t buy to be restored to this family- Life and hope and peace and joy in Jesus name. And I pray those who criticize or speak negatively and harsh have a revelation of how awful it is to kick someone when they’re going through something.

    1. Useful Vidiots

      Cast these scumbags out of the temple, Oh Lord!