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  1. the extra melon

    Anybody else think they're just like Zack and Cody

  2. ash f

    wow no one ever wants to come to nashville lmao

  3. Faith DiMuccio

    Ewww when gray did the creepy pop corn it was disgusting

  4. Liddy Goon

    That time Ethan and Nolan could both get into Grayson's phone.


    I forgot about mosquito bites

  6. Arianna Maldonado


  7. Annie Kate Kane

    the one time it snows in nashville

  8. Jessica Rizzo

    I LOVE how genuinely happy you both seem to be...especially at the end of the video. Sooooo much more enjoyable to watch knowing that you guys are doing what makes you happy and not just forcing yourselves to make videos for content. What an awesome improvement you guys have made to your channel. Keep up the good "work" boys! :)

  9. arihant jain

    Where is sister squad

  10. Madison -


  11. Nasiya Myrie

    Awww he’s too cute 😂😂🖤🖤🖤 look at gray

  12. Etta Slinkman

    The first voice was gray second was E

  13. Faith Poirrier

    When you drive through the murder capital of the country (st.louis) I used to live there

  14. Jasia G

    Me when I lose my V-card... 3:56 5:21 6:30 Him: 6:34

  15. Mahi Patel

    13:08 Grayson doesn't want to bully Ethan 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  16. daniella jung

    Am I the only who thinks that ethan and graysons just kind of resembles like jungkook and taehyung in BTS? They're goofiness is just like those cute dorkies of bangtan especially in one of dolans videos where they're stuck together in vecro suits. Grayson is definetly jungkook in that video and ethan is taehyung whose older but does the immature stuffs.My gosh I can't get really enough of it. 😍😍😍

  17. Kaydynce Keller

    why are Bob and Rob funnier than you two?? 😂😂

  18. xXMercy Xx

    Lol I have trypophobia Idk if that’s how u spell it but it’s just makes my back feel weird tell me if that does the same to u

  19. Delia Saft

    you guys should go to canada!!!


    Extraordinary video, I enjoy it to much !!!! Most Suitable part is 0:53. *I uploaded first dance, Please check it out and say what you think* 💝 💓 💃

  21. Mona

    My favorite part is 11:54

  22. Maya Stringer

    who else saw their hydro flaskskskskskskskksksksksks and i oop

  23. queen of me vlogs

    Omg I live in Nashville y'all could have came and seen me😂

  24. Benjamin Fu

    Real life minecraft.

  25. TheSims 4Stories

    7:38 Grayson: "Do.. do some sexy dancing." Ethan: "...Is this porn?" JOKE

  26. Mia DeWitt

    This is my favorite vid and ive watched all them

  27. Marie vlog

    I'm from Missouri

  28. Cakeisgood

    I hope they filmed the trip back 😭😭😩

  29. chambie loves

    you can tell they’ve never been to canada in the winter😂

  30. Matt Dusky

    Eathan I thought you have Trypophobia took on the back of the toad

  31. Gaming master 11

    Ethan: (builds a pillow) there’s no way Grayson has done something better than me Grayson: (builds a damn house out of bamboo

  32. Angiethegreat

    when ethan wakes up grayson for once 😂

  33. Natalyee stille

    E#3$fg6h4sc&k8bvsdelekeedee dv(4rbf*5 ,7k is azxetvybmumuunnuhnjijj

  34. lps rainbow unicornllama


  35. Zaya Lechuga

    This vid is so funny 😂

  36. Rainy Skies

    U guys should spray paint the side of the van saying Dolan twins for something and decorate or you could put Grayson the name on one side and the other Ethan and decorate it how u want like if u agree

  37. HarrysBunny

    I love the slideshow at the end!

  38. Lili b.

    I LIVE IN KEYSTONE !!!!!!!!!

  39. Cookie Does Everything

    Gray: Ethan help me E: okay Gray: NO

  40. Catalina Pachado

    It’s so beautiful to see you guys like this, happy and being yourselfs❤️

  41. anh 09

    9:32 look at emma omg uwu

  42. Jan A.A

    Are you gonna drive back?

  43. Talia Barraza

    they literally picked the worst possible time to go through CO lmaoooo

  44. Brielle

    oh we LOVE listening to grayson degrade and baby his OLDER brother for 30 minutes straight

  45. Lily Christensen

    The one place Grayson wants to go is Nashville... the one place they do not go is... Nashville.

  46. 1000 Subs With No Videos

    Because I have claustrophobia hearing that story makes me shake, like if you have claustrophobia

  47. Savanna Hoy

    Your telling me the Dolan twin we’re in Kansas City AND I DIDNT SEE THEM IM PRESSED

  48. Taylor Rose

    5:47 grayson: "if you want ethan's tngue give it a thumbs up" ethan: shtahap

  49. Natalia Valenzuela

    This video was so cute ☺️ 💕

  50. Phoebe Mann

    Best video of theirs literally ever

  51. Aubrey Heller

    Y’all complaining about weather! Well here in Wisconsin is mostly 14 or 8 degrees

  52. Lyenyrrntetfwzqqxwlo Wnhrwwfhjsktegn


  53. Kaylyn Almeida

    They go “IT WAS 20°” lol I’m living in Canada where some of our summers are 19°

  54. Tony Murillo

    You are not vegan!!!! I seen you guys eating burger and fries at a muck bang!!! 😂😂😂

  55. Katt Whittaker

    It was the day after my 18th birthday when I found out my dad had stage 4 lung cancer and was probably not going to make it more than a month. Life throws things at you that feel insurmountable and I’m so thankful you two have each other to go through the hard times with like these. I’m so sorry you guys have had to experience the pain of losing your father, I know it all too well and it’s something that never heals. Please allow yourselves time, patience, and kindness always. I love you both so much and wish you only happiness and love. ❤️

  56. Keely O

    Why go on a road trip and not take the time to stop and see the places you’re driving through?

  57. Jessica Gray

    I like how Grayson is actually surviving while Ethan is being....Ethan

  58. Ivy wolf


  59. Natalia Valenzuela

    Dennis Scuppie 🐸💕

  60. Hannah Silvaz

    Maybe you should get a battery powered heater

  61. Reilly The Diamond Boy

    7:23 I actually threw up 🤢🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮💀

  62. liam pastella

    38 hours of driving 38 minute video. LOL

  63. Hailey Jackson

    S/O St. Louis 🙌🏼. I was probably on the same road as you at the same time and now I’m watching it which is crazy. Love you guys 🙏🏻

  64. Brynlee Kay

    I hope all you Missourians felt appreciated when e called Missouri gorgeous 🥺❤️

  65. Levi Kochheiser

    7:58 ahh memories

  66. madison sherretz

    e:*wakes up gray by jumping on him* gray:”bro don’t hit your head” me:awwwweee❤️

  67. Rose Engle

    Well hello from Denver Colorado! If you guys could that much money for your band you should have went all out and put a kitchen and a bathroom and everything in there LOL but anyway I hope you guys have a good time

  68. Emely Tellez Solis

    Dolan Twins: *explaining UFO citing* Jeffree Star: That was just my private jet didn't mean to scare yall

  69. Erin Muy

    Me to my crush that doesn’t like me back: 24:47

  70. Lilly Valliere

    and i oop

  71. Francesca Deamantopoulos

    7:05 Gray: you just don’t bit someone’s boob when you see it 😂😂

  72. Roach

    I have the same soap you use if you want to be more environmentally cautious you can actually use that soap to brush your teeth I do it everyday it tastes like soap but it works and it’s 100% safe it says it right on their website

  73. Victor Richards

    Go to Detroit Michigan

  74. AKAYesi

    Colorado is home 💯

  75. Ellie King

    Welcome to places that actually get snow and cold weather!

  76. Taylor Crowe

    21:34 my favourite part 😭

  77. qwaqi

    That is the fakest thing I've ever seen

  78. Old Guy

    The twins have such a great feel for pacing in their videos - they have for years. I've seen odd comments saying their videos are too long - WRONG! I love that the videos are not rushed and the viewer really has time to absorb what's happening. Also, their production values blow away anything else I've seen created for AZsel.

  79. Evie S

    Did anyone see the hydroflasks 🚨

  80. Aaron Hicks

    next minute ya know they sex trafficking 😭

  81. imzellen

    Does he mean...homophone? 12:16

    1. imzellen

      @Autumn Catedral haha lol

    2. Autumn Catedral

      I think so. Lol

  82. Maddison Rossall

    "We wanna go to the snow!" "We didn't take into account how cold it would be"

  83. Alex Scruggs

    Who hopes they come to Tennessee?!!

  84. Wendy Cynor

    There's something very sexy about a man who can build plus I love the smell of sawdust. Mmmnn ❤🧡💛🔥speaking my love language!

  85. Rose Bloze

    I wish I could get the merch but it's so pricy! :C Love ya'll tho. <3

  86. Quinn Smedley

    The ice on the road thing is everyday in winter in Michigan...

  87. Tylie Gronek

    Bro they drove an hour away from my house that’s crazy Missouri gang wya

  88. Shantell Anette Delgado

    I'm surprised nobody has said that in the start of 23:00 there is Spanish music playing I was like yoooooo they playing Spanish music but then realized that it was the people in the fabric store

  89. Alex Chavez

    when he took the first bite of the watermelon it sounded like a fart

  90. Old Guy

    E and Gray, Please don't feel like you can't use the tiny house/van in future videos. You could make a series where you drive to Nashville, in the spring or summer, at a leisurely pace - documenting all your adventures on the way. Once in Nashville, you could do a video about your time there. Just a thought, I'm sure I'll love whatever ideas you two come up with. :)

  91. Krystal Lee

    Dolan Twins: makes Tiny Home Adventure Series Mother Nature: I’m about to end this whole twin’s career

  92. Harmoney Pierce

    Ethan and Emma have to be dating because 1.emma scooted close to him in the beginning 2.ethan was looking at her when she was talking

  93. Leah Thomas

    There editing like emma

  94. Old Guy

    I love this video it has everything; adventure, humor, bickering brothers, loving brothers, etc. I wouldn't say it's a road trip video, so much as a van race across the USA. Not that I'm complaining.

  95. Ava Hooshmand

    dolan twins: we drove cross country my dad: has been driving to the store for 10 years and still hasn’t brought back milk

  96. ashly

    "kind of a random state" as if all we have is fried chicken hahahaha

  97. Rylee McKenna

    The Twins: Oh this is gonna be a fun series and we’re pretty sure nothing bad is gonna happen The Police: Bruh you thought wrong The Twins: Oh shit why’d we do this? The Ice: Happy traveling bitches! The Twins: KILL ME NOW

  98. Alysa McKinney

    I found it funny when James realized he drank out of a straw Grayson put in his nose🤣🤣

  99. Ava Robar


  100. ya boi