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  1. lemoni ruttens

    I want those clothes reallyyyy bad but my friendsssss are not gonna be happy cause its their style so help i cant do anything besides being basic as f*ck

  2. Maria`s Baby

    Love from the soulcrooksz 9o9

  3. Ella

    Why did I watch a 13 minute video about coffee when u hate coffee

  4. DOS Dreamz


  5. Viltė Žilinskaitė

    emma is like gordon ramzay in coffee

  6. Edie'sVids

    I don’t really get excited to watch her anymore

  7. Raven Blackfall

    I used to be a barista in Seattle and from what I hear Emma knows little to nothing about objectively rating coffee.

  8. Missi Dion

    why did i watch this entire video knowing damn well that Philz would win

  9. Dee H

    Starbucks & Peet’s locations are fucking everywhereeee. I never see Philz or the other ones lmaoo 😂 I work at a Starbucks for the airport too. You right the espresso trash tho I drink the ice teas and the hot chocolate. Lmaoo

  10. Tama Mischi

    Declan just prevents me to watch the actual content

  11. emma prosper


  12. Liam Healy

    For me, Starbucks is heavily based on the baristas. Most of the time, they just don’t give a shit and then you get one who makes a heavenly coffee and you just walk out if they’re not making drinks the day you go in 😂

  13. marie arrighi

    It took me the whole video to realize that her sweatshirt's Santa was giving the finger lol

  14. furdedezee

    Why has Philz not sponsored her yet smh 🙄

  15. Eeshwar Thiruvallapan


  16. Sanya

    Why the hell are her views dropping

  17. Zennyxxx

    I wanna taste all of the coffee 😁😁

  18. cosmic dol

    emma hates the coffee i like.....

  19. Manu Shandilya

    We been Knew

  20. laurry

    that caffeine overdose lmaooo

  21. DeLaney Ogden

    what is your coffee order @ philz ?

  22. Kelly D

    starbucks is straight ass unless its tea, refreshers, or SOME frappes. starbucks is a whole joke

  23. FatCat City

    Emma l dont mean to sound like a perv but you look beautiful today😙😢😁😁

  24. carson garnett

    Emma how you know what pee pee taste like hehe

  25. Chase Scholl

    My sister tried Phil's and she said it was the worst coffee ever

  26. Zainah

    3:52 I thought she was going to talk about the Muslims in China...

  27. Reese _

    Literally a get high with me video How many years will it take for you to realise being trapped in a caffeine addiction isn't cute? Blend the tan/makeup on your chin/neck better when you wear your mask

  28. Blazing Dynamo

    Tim Hortons

  29. Brianna Duke

    mcdonald’s iced coffee have always been my fav

  30. sofia

    Dutch Bro’s said:

  31. Amber Cunningham-Puckett

    I don't like Starbucks either.

  32. Miroslava Lopez

    starbucks is really good. lol you just order a bad drink...

  33. Gabriella Negron

    She was so much happier what happend to this and there friendship?

  34. Alena Michaelson

    She is even worse than me about all this coffee addiction..

  35. Daan Bosboom

    she said ‘friend’ hesistantly - did she mean a boyfriend that we don’t know about?

  36. Midori Dad

    Dunkin Donuts is my oink Also 9:55 😂🔊

  37. lillian tran

    what do u get at philz lol all the philz i’ve ever been to they don’t have iced almond milk lattes

  38. Dominic Someone

    Tim Hortons. Haha just playing 😂

  39. claresa mills

    I loved this

  40. Alena Michaelson

    I jumped into the goddamn vlog in one sec when i saw the title is coffee

  41. Kareema Kilani

    I saw the title and I knew this would be a trending video

  42. cat jay

    Declan is a freaking legend! 😂😂😂 OMG I died when he tried to jump on the table.

  43. Kali Hendricks


  44. LoveHisPresence

    Declan sitting on the green couch is sooooo cute omg 🤗

  45. zazi xx

    What about tims man that shit is the smoothest

  46. janna

    now i want iced coffee

  47. Jessica Absalom

    Merry Christmas

  48. Gabriella Negron

    Emma please don't put olive oil on your skin and sit in the sun for a long time IT COULD CAUSE SKIN CANCER 😥

  49. Zandile Siya


  50. byrdeen boswell

    Black Rifle Coffee. Roasted after you place your order

  51. Chikahちぃかあらにぃ

    Have you tried japanese key coffee?

  52. Kevsepticaye OG

    Emma: Reviews coffee Me: Watches clock the whole time

  53. Eddie Castro

    You shouldn't have put the straw on the table and reused it.

  54. claresa mills

    Good mythical morning vibes

  55. Eva Ieli

    Did anybody else watch the clock in the back change from 4:59 to 5:00? Cause I did.

  56. Matt Florance

    “Gross... is it urth cafe?” “Oooo I like this one! Urth cafe?” ....huh?

  57. Gabgengio Luv

    Sounds yummy. Lol.

  58. ranku miskas

    Her NYC videos are the best!

  59. Got7 Days6 to panic at the disco Twenty-øne times

    Did she even sleep that night or..???????

  60. kaley furlong

    Who else thinks that Emma should make a series where she visits coffee shops around the US and reviews them. Use as a yes button👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼🤷🏻‍♀️

  61. George the guy

    You get darkness at 16? Here in sweden the sun goes down 1430

  62. Jordan Co

    9:56 LMFAOOO

  63. Blzt

    You had 8 deliveries solely for coffee but the plastic straw is where you draw the line eh

  64. Nancy Aguilar

    I can't wait till she starts drinking and rates wines and beer and vodkas.

  65. Kirk Johns

    Is it weird that I’m 100% trusting this rating.. Fuck Starbucks I’m going to Micky D’s for coffee.

  66. Corrine Vermette

    Nothing, and I mea Nothing beats Canada's, Tim Horton's Double Double coffee. That's double coffee cream and two tsp of sugar, and once you've drunk a Tim Horton's Double Double, you'll never go anywhere else. And the price is less then 3$ for a extra large. Ps. Please next time try sipping instead of slurping and guzzling. That sound is pretty irritating and imo gross. Plus burbing is should have been left behind in 2016. Sorry if I'm bitching, but a little bit of proper etiquette is pretty sexy and classy..

  67. Dance Every day

    Any one else notice Emma’s clock under her tv

  68. Nathan Pascual

    Coffee in Los Angeles: Check! Next is Coffee comparison around the States/World!

  69. gerardway isafrogdad

    How to make vegan pizza: 1) don't do this and waist your money 2)go to morrisons 3) buy the £2.50 vegan pizza 3) eat the whole thing Plus it's only like 650 calories for the whole pizza so you can eat the whole thing and won't look like a marshmallow lmao

  70. em skye

    please tell me someone else noticed the starbucks cup at 9:57

  71. Ruby Wills

    i fkn DIED when declan jumped on the table 😂😂

  72. Nafisa Najmi

    Declan: JUMPS on the table Emma: DECLAN! I loved that part

  73. Frank Zheng

    how does emma know how battery acid and urine tastes like?

  74. Will B

    A barista at starbucks once served me a coffe that was tainted to the point of lethality, and everyone noticed, except the barista, who served it to ,e witj a smile. fuck starbucks. :|

  75. Lilli hope

    She should have tasted them and then lined them up from best to worst before looking at the labels

  76. Arman Behbahani

    Hey emma i love u but try to think more about ideas your last 10 videos are the same "I don't know what to do" shit

  77. Ola Michalak

    * watching this even though i dont even like coffee *


    At this point philz should already sponsor emma's videos

  79. Amanda mandy

    DECLAN!! 🤣🤣

  80. Fero

    This video should be titled “Emma disses Starbucks for 13 minutes straight.”

  81. Marina Troncia

    I’m italian you not stonks

  82. Sarah Roos

    you should try the joe & the juice coffee! :) it‘s very good

  83. Tshepo Tleane

    her cat probably wonders why his owner speaks to herself so much

  84. Isabel Castellsagué

    Emma I love you y Just wanted to say to you I freakingggggggsgshsblove uuuuu

  85. Paul Johnson

    Some punk kid with limited experience is going to tell us what the "best" is. As if a million people on Yelp haven't already.

  86. Emily Thorneycroft

    Filming at quarter to 5 in the morning ?! Never seen something so Emma in my life :0

  87. Hi Im Legend

    My Coffee Cmon over and i can brew you a fresh cup of coffee!

  88. walex g

    Actually the best coffee chain is "C.J's".

  89. Hannah Weitz

    Bro it’s so weird seeing you drive around sc/rwc in places I know by heart. Damn

  90. xx

    emma’s the gordon ramsay of coffee

  91. jack frost

    Okay so where timmys at tho

  92. Kath Y

    Please make a closet declutter before 2020!!

  93. Unknown Person

    I’m probably I am the third one yeah the ugly anti social stinky peace of shit that never eats anything but junk food. 😅

  94. Alisha Coe

    8:02 is my mood daily

  95. It’s Me

    i literally had déjà vu half way thru this wtf hahah

  96. Maria Yaghmour

    after declan jumped on the table she acted like nothing happened 😂😂😂😂

  97. Matea S

    9:56 jumpscare

  98. Cole Hamrick

    She should have mixed them all and tasted it

  99. Robert Peters

    I'm watching the cat more than Emma! 😂

  100. Nia Whitaker

    Decland jumping up at like 9:56 made me die a little