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  1. diamond wisper

    why 😭😭

  2. diamond wisper

    I loved the duck

  3. john bailey

    Malingerers who fake short term memory are horrible people I have bad memory, sure, but I would never fake a condition that serious

  4. chaselynn alfrey

    I like the conversation style. But you standing makes it feel like a lecture and I just want you to sit and chat! Relax Matt!

  5. Emma Warren

    police: omg mat is killing superheros mat: mawhahahahahah swat team: open up *kicks open the door*

  6. Rhakutax

    7:25 who is that? ive seen him before but i dont remember his name, its like mr earth or something

  7. rooksplayz

    in StarWars expanded universe states that yoda would not give up his home planets name so he might not be the last since yoda did not have any kids baby yoda must have come from a planet full of yodas

  8. NarutoFan62

    Who else is scrolling down to see some big brain memes?

  9. • Heartbrøken Wølf •

    YES YOU WATCH ONCE APON A TIME AND RUMPLE TRIES TO DESTREY THEM 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES

  10. Sayel Keane

    How was Moana conceived if Maui was imprisoned on the island? Did this happen before he stole the heart or??

  11. -SubtleSnark -

    0:29 well, i'm with em' there

  12. CAB's Awesome Things

    Why I had so much trust in Star Wars =-(

  13. Jelani's Gaming

    Y all your intros so cringey

  14. Mist Tery


  15. AcousticPal


  16. Emma Warren

    I'm Jewish Hanukkah coming up like if your Jewish

  17. dash parr

    Me obviously

  18. zack molly

    1.brain needle

  19. Flora HIGHAM

    i had a chameleon in year 6, it was sooooo boring and only went from green to bown, then i got a Guinie pig, who loved and cherished me ad would literately scream when i couldn't see me.

  20. Furqan Ahmad

    Maybe she was a clone all this time

  21. SelimTheWeirdo

    Clone My guess is in s4 Real beth is gona come back as a savage mom from an apocolypse

  22. Caelan Hopkins

    doesn't rick have a portal gun

  23. scout tf2

    I have my problems but overall the video was decent, just one problem other than the clear lack of jojo understanding. Never cite the guardian even when on non political issues its like a leftist SUN

  24. Exe Eze

    i think that bill cipher is a rick and his morty is evil morty

  25. BertilUGAMER


  26. John Michitsch

    The guy that was in the dr Phil clip in the beginning is a family friends son lol! His name is John


    *sees title* Me in my head: THERE IS NO PROBLEM WITH SWEET BABY YODA

  28. Dani Play's

    I waited hoping he would finally say neoteny

  29. Surviverplay /Suplayer

    Well actually (ik the meme is old but i still love it) you have to concider peters durability feets too where he could tank granades to the face Or how he could hold up that brick wall in the fight with doc oc while trying to protect mary jane Or how he could stop a train No matter how strong you are your bones would shatter and your organs would burst (in the granade feat) while pulling off any of these With the train: peters arms would be torn off, would break heavily or at best be dislocated With the wall too: broken bones and torn muscles wich would squash both peter and his girl And the granade? Just straight out head exploding So he not only got super strengh and spidey senses but also a super durabillity both in part body and organs Ps: this is not a hate comment, quiet the opposite! I love your vids both on game theory and on film theory but in some cases you overlook some factors in these theories and i want to help that maybe there is something that changes the theory to a way better one Like with hulk and doomsday in death battle: hulk could only be defeted cause his broken healing factor could be overpowerd If they wouldnt have found it out then the battle would have no end Thats why we always should look in all details and if other people just say "YOUR WRONG!!!!" but dont tell why he is wrong then they can just shut up or at least apolagize and then help corect the theory

  30. Michal Švec

    What about book theory? 😏📘📖

  31. Sockarea Neec

    They getting evicted soon

  32. xtream blader

    Hey matpat have you ever watched star wars the clone wars tv show

  33. The beast 151 Denis

    Spoiler alert for a theory U should make a theory about what’s in the titan fluid that turns people into titans

  34. Lone wolf

    the tridactls are probably very similar to sleeper sharks they take almost 100 year to reach sexual maturity

  35. gamingIL

    You just blew my mind

  36. ????????

    *_Spoilers_* Frozen 2: Yeah.... See, We don't even have Hans. Matpat: So no Redemption? Frozen 2: Nope. Matpat: Were Iduna and Agnarr on their way to Rapunzel's wedding at least? Frozen 2: Nope. Matpat: Did they survive atleast? Frozen 2: Nope. Matpat: Wait, They didn't have Tarzan then?! You said- Frozen 2: *Laughs* NOPE? Matpat: But the trolls ARE evil, right? They give such vague clues and vision- Frozen 2: NOPE! Matpat: ... So... Did...- Frozen 2: *_Nope._*

  37. Saint Guardian

    Isn’t baby yoda a clone tho

  38. Lara Vrlazic

    In my counry he wuld get a nother 10-15 years in jail for making a fake identedy

  39. Jennifer Smith

    "The first great videogame movie?" What about the _other_ Pokémon films?

  40. BatCat

    Lmao toys r us is still available in the Philippines.

  41. Gracefulcubix Z

    Actually I believe the first two things people would do in a purge is loot apple stores and remove their debts

  42. T Super

    No not Starvation More like SCARvation

  43. Adie Bartolome

    But Alan Walker is a Walker. **gasp** DJ Zombieeeeee

  44. Gacha Life Toon

    Frozen 2 explains

  45. Maddy Warwick

    I already don’t trust myself you just made this worse

  46. Pål Juliebø Osnes

    Have you heard of world eaters. They are like the death star but they slowly eat the world and take its natural reasources.

  47. Pat & Julie McEntee

    Ireland has a Springfield in *Sligo????* Correct me if I'm wrong.

  48. creepy dude !!!!!!!!!

    This was so scary

  49. Talia Sewell

    I’m sorry matpat frozen two kinda smacks your theory in the face... 😰 to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it on purpose since some other theorists also have a similar theory to this.

  50. BatCat

    But that's just a theory... A DEPRESSING THEORY! Thanks for watching...

  51. Dog with Sunglasses

    One big problem i have here is your language when you explained evolution. It sounds like there is an "problem" and we "evolved" to "fix" it. Thats not how evolution worked. Im also pretty sure you know that, but the thing is especially in the USA most are completly clueless about the mechanisms of Evolution. Im not blaming the ones who are, science literacy is a giant problem in the USA and your politicians are really not helping.

  52. Mr Cowboy Kerby

    A talking frog is normal but not a talking donkey

  53. Popsicle Sticks

    You can also see in the FBF video “The kids meet poppy for the first time” You can hear poppy saying things like “We could get so many views” or “They made me too” which makes the Theory even more stronger.

  54. Turtle Terraria

    10 feet

  55. Christopher Kobata

    Maybe 10 years in our time is one in Yoda time.He died at 900, making him 90(grandma is still alive and beating you), and Baby Yoda is 50, so he's a five year old(I expect him to talk soon.)

  56. Omega Z

    What about state owned News Channels?

  57. Browsing Content

    3:28 *Patrick moment*

  58. Hannah. C

    Nitroglycerin smells like melted sugar though, so no matter how much he sweat's, he's gonna smell real good.

  59. Joe Pete

    I have kneecaps...

  60. Lara Violet

    Its actually easy to beat yourself, if you know your weakness

  61. super kid man

    so cars arnt cars so the kam out a noter dimenoin

  62. Sky_ Girl

    Its because Ariel -> ariels dad ->the dad of the *GOD* of the sea dad of ariels dad -> *CRONUS* -> *ZUES OR MAYBE CALL IT* *HERCULE'S DAD*-> *HERCULES* SO THATS WHY THERE RELATED

  63. Pulse Gaming

    Bro I used to watch Dinosaur a ton lol

  64. Debbie Kane

    They can git animals du😑

  65. Jayger 101

    IT'S NOT WASHINGTON I knew it!

  66. manio goudarzi

    I love Democracy

  67. Domba

    there were only 2 scenes that REALLY confirmed that it was in his head. His first vision on the Murray show and him being in the girls apartment unannounced. I feel the majority of this film is to be taken face value. I do however agree that he embodies chaos. that's just my opinion thoughh

  68. Rebecca Clarke

    Khione, goddess of snow, is the daughter of Boreas, God of the north wind. I can find nothing on the lineage of Boreas, but based on the fact that he's a God of wind I'm going to place a safe bet on his dad being Zeus. Perhaps Elsa is related to Khoine?

  69. Dom Snow

    Considering there’s going to be a sequel it was real. Everything that’s imagined the movie put a spotlight on like the audience is retarded. So I doubt all this

  70. boysaver tever22

    Hey matpat I saw you watch the infographic show

  71. Kedar Cobb


  72. Buggs Justice


  73. Ethan Ebohon

    mat pat: puts a skywalkers always loose their hand in the 2cnd movie meme. Me: I'm sorry but your on a role at this mat, honestly.

  74. WalkThrough101

    What was that intro lol

  75. Dom Snow


  76. Makingaway Makingaway

    Matpat:The ending left lots of questions The ending:Am I joke to you?

  77. SaVaGe FuRiOuS

    I think how all might transform is how all for one have his brother the power to stock up powers so all might got the power to transform

  78. Gubby_Kid 9600

    I am a lion

  79. Ethan Ebohon

    mat pat 2017: "makes this video" me 2019: unless Kylo ren lied about Ray's parents be drunkards that died because they crash landed, in the words of Luke Skywalker himself in StarWars the last jedi when he was talking to Ray "Every single word in that sentence was wrong."

  80. KOZA

    this was so much to take in XD


    The real reason why logan dying cuz of the script of the movie

  82. pearl Yanez

    Your right maybe she doesn't have amnesia but ptsd 👀, and she was simply miss diagnosed.

  83. jadevo

    Did MatPat just redpill us? LOL

  84. Madcircle

    OmG yeas Auralnauts

  85. ooo ooo

    Im i the onlyone who thinks he overthinking

  86. Korben

    Evolution is bullshit bc where tf did monkeys come from there is obviously a creator

  87. Microwave Gamer

    I never have any new ideas

  88. Star Wan Trix

    What if his bat helicopter has some speed boosters, I dunno

  89. Sven Brams

    AIJ HAV '

  90. Pro Bro's

    Bu TT Ha Ts At He Or Ry !!!!

  91. Mint ice Cream

    The exact day a year later we’ll kinda

  92. Untamed

    Do a anime theory about Enen no Shouboutai please.

  93. Arache Bailey

    You're stepping in uncharted territory with that thumbnail, patt. Be warned....

  94. •Ducky’s Life At Hogwarts•

    Who else noticed the Alexander Hamilton joke

  95. Nana Shin

    Gee my classmate expected me to not know this theory

  96. Lina T.V

    Right when I start to think matpat is overthinking things, he catches on to a good theory🙄🤷

  97. xXHallowXx


  98. Lachlan Connolly

    You could just leave the country after you did your crime

  99. ben parrish

    Science is always right, until it's proven wrong. Which means that, it was wrong all along. One of the problems in a field where theory is stronger than law.